Vernissage d'Igor Makarevich "manifestations conceptuelles"

Saturday, January 16, 2010 16:00-20:00 CET

du 14 janvier au 13 mars

Galerie Blue Square is pleased to announce the arrival of the artist in Paris for the vernissage on Saturday 16 January from 4 to 8 pm.

On view will be a representation of works made from the early 1990s to the present, including new objects, paintings, and sculptures from the series Mushrooms of the Avant-Garde which was first presented in London last year. The exhibition will also include objects, paintings and photographs from earlier series including The Source of Life, Homo Lignum, and Magic of Ideology which were exhibited as part of the artist's retrospective exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery in 2005.

the artist, whose works are included in the collection of the centre pompidou, will be in paris for the event.

A basic defining feature of Makarevich and Elagina's work is their treatment of meaning and signification, solidly fixed in various movements of Russian - and non-Russian - twentieth-century art, including the most important and fundamental of them - such as the classical avant-garde of signification that is part of our contemporaries' intellectual baggage - that are placed layer on layer and mutually interwoven for maximum expressive effect.

Joseph Bakstein in his essay "Sign and Fate in the Works of Igor Makerevich and Elena Elagina" for the exhibition Makarevich & Elagina: Mushrooms of the Russian Avant-Garde, London, 2008.
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Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010
Time: 16:00-20:00 CET
Duration: 4 hours
Category: Art & exhibition opening*
Keywords / Tags: Igor Makarevich
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