Exposition : Ayşen Bilgi, Yeşim Göktepe, Şanda Serim, Süreyya Uyan

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 19:30-22:00 CET

artistes turcs

exposition du 14 ou 28 décembre 2010
Vernissage Mardi 14 décembre à partir de 19h30

Ebrizmir marbling group started the art of marbeling, which has a very special place among the Arts" of Turkish Decoration, in 2006 by the education of Serkan Ilden. Ebrizmir has been producing the whole materials that they use in the production of their works by themselves using the traditional methods. Considering the patience as the basic element of learning Art of Turk, the group go on their works taking the traditional methods with artistic and aesthetic worries into consideration but by displaying their creative abilities. They can present their works of miniature and art of painting from Traditional Arts of Turk as a whole on as the parts of a whole. They target to transfer their experience about art to the new generation artlovers by preparing life-like but non reccuring motifs. They represent their Works to the art lovers by opening exhibitions in many places, primarily in Izmi.
Galerie Art'est (Click here to get informations about Galerie Art'est)
96, rue Quincampoix
75003 Paris
M° Etienne Marcel, Rambuteau, Les Halles, Châtelet
Mail : contact@artest.fr
Internet Site : www.artest.fr

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Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Time: 19:30-22:00 CET
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Category: Art & exhibition opening*
Number of times displayed: 1258


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