Vernissage de Shunsuke Ohno "LANDAMSCAPE"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 18:30-21:00 CEST

OPENING: 12 April, from 6.30 pm, at RTR gallery, Paris

13th April - 21st May 2011
RTR gallery, Paris

Till very recently, we thought that seisms as emotions were under control in Japan. It was yet impossible to imagine that the devastating Nature could punish such an admirable and calm country. That the earthquake-proof constructions could'nt resist to a superhuman force. That we would reach this point of non return ...

Without premeditation, RTR gallery presents Shunsuke Ohno's photographs. « Landamscapes » is his first personnal exhibition. We discover singular landscapes but especially a perception of beauty strongly inspired by buddhist culture. Shunsuke Ohno explains us landscapes in an infinitely pure and frontal manner. He makes us feel its essence.

In 2009 Japan counted around 2900 dams. These constructions grew in number even if it meant wiping a few villages off the map. The photographer travelled all over the country to discover these dams, all huge and made of concrete. Shunsuke Ohno's project was motivated by the book « Dogs and Demons » by Alex Kerr. The author reveals edifiyng rifts which wear down the country from the inside. The orientation of the critic is clearly plolitical and refers to verifiable elements : hard-surfaced rivers, constructions of dams and roads which drive nowhere ... but absorb the taxpayer money.

With the curiosity of the reporter and the sensitivity of the walker, Shunsuke Ohno dashed into a photographic pilgrimage. That's how he found himself fascinated by the landscapes offered to him, enchanted by their strength, though destructive : the hand of Man posed on Nature. At first, embarrassed by the idea of admiring such a harmful landscape, he finally let himself elated by the beauty of the place, as one kisses the devil's hand. « When I drove that road which took me from a city to another, I crossed villages, mountains, bridges, tunnels and then dams. That's when the stressful state of mind I had been in from the city changed into a peaceful one : the feeling that you have to take things as they stand, as they are offered to you. »

Without falling into the accusing tone of environmental problematics neither in ostentatious provocation, Shunsuke Ohno prefers to guide the viewer. He offers a sublime story, a discrete and true reflection. Though neither visionnary nor moralist, we find in Ohno this dignified humanism. A la Japonaise.
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Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Time: 18:30-21:00 CEST
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Category: Art & exhibition opening*
Keywords / Tags: Shunsuke Ohno
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