Vernissage d'Anthony Caro "Table Pieces and Late Sculptures"

Thursday, June 1, 2017 17:00-20:00 CEST

Galerie Daniel Templon
Rue Veydt 13A
1060 Bruxelles

JUNE 1st - JULY 22, 2017

Galerie Templon will be presenting an original collection of indoor sculptures by Sir Anthony Caro in Brussels from June 1st to July 22, echoing the exhibition of his works in the gardens of the Van Buuren Museum.

The exhibition will display two contrasting series by Caro, illustrating the diversity of his output and his incredible gift for self-reinvention. Anthony Caro's final works - monumental compositions that experiment extensively with Perspex, a transparent plastic - will be juxtaposed with his small Table Pieces, displayed in the gallery's project room.
Playing with concepts of dynamic balance, Caro's Table Pieces bear witness to his ability to transform empty space into a material and a means of expression. His Late Sculptures give viewers an opportunity to reflect on the diversity of materials Caro employed - wood, steel, bronze, Perspex - as well as his outstanding use of paint and colour. These works speak eloquently of an artist seeking a new definition of sculpture: Sir Anthony Caro felt that "In a way, sculpture is in the middle, between painting and architecture - and abstract sculpture even more so. It's nearly architecture, it's nearly painting. It's in the middle. And we have to find that place in the middle."

Born in 1924 and knighted by the Queen of England in 1987, Sir Anthony Caro reinvigorated contemporary sculpture. A pupil of Henry Moore, he never stopped exploring dialogues between the arts, from his single-minded quest for the abstract until his evolution towards more narrative forms.
Recently, major shows of his work have been held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (2011), Chatsworth House and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the UK (2012), Venice's Museo Correr (2013) and the Würth Erstein museum in France, (2015). Three joint exhibitions of works by Anthony Caro and his wife Sheila Girling are running in France until August 27, 2017: at the CIAC (Bourbourg), Musée des Augustins (Hazebrouk) and Musée Benoît-De-Puydt (Bailleul). Sir Anthony Caro's work is featured in major public art collections, including at Paris' Musée National d'Art Moderne, New York's Museum of Modern Art, London's British Museum and Tokyo's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Vernissage d'Anthony Caro "Table Pieces and Late Sculptures"
Anthony Caro, Bench, 2011-13, steel, wood and clear perspex, unique
Bruxelles (Click here to get informations about Bruxelles)
21000 Bruxelles
M° Gare de Bruxelles
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Date: Thursday, June 1, 2017
Time: 17:00-20:00 CEST
Duration: 3 hours
Category: Art & exhibition opening*
Keywords / Tags: Anthony Caro
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